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* Brass Alloy in Silver Plating with Gold Lacquered Keys * Made in Taiwan ( handcrafted ) * GT saxophones designed for saxophonist / musicians * Quality Comes First
  • * High F#
    * Rugged Ribbed Construction
    * Detachable Bell and Bow
    * Triple-Annealed Bell, Bow, and Necks
    * High-Quality Italian Pisoni waterproof leather Pads w/ Wool Felt
    * Convex Nickel-Plated Brass Resonators
    * Blued Steel Springs
    * High-Quality Italian Cork
    * Genuine Abalone Shell Buttons
    * Power Forged Keys
    * Adjustable Metal Thumb Hook
    * Rocking Table Mechanism
    * Pointed Pivot Screw
    * Professionally Acoustically Customized and Adjusted
    * Elegant Handcrafted Engraving

    * Include Vintage ABS Case, Standard Mouthpiece and Clean Fabric

    GT Saxophone designed for saxophonist / musicians, in addition to showing excellent appearance, the feel of a vintage horn and can easily perform a wide range of timbre.
    GT Saxophone brings the music of the soul and achieve perfect harmony between saxophonist and saxophone.

  • Key: Eb
    Range: Low Bb to High F#
    Neck: Brass in Silver Plated Finish
    Body: Brass in Silver Plated Finish
    Bow: Brass in Silver Plated Finish
    Bell: Brass in Silver Plated Finish
    Key: Gold Lacquered Finish

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