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Mr. Marcio Paz

Saxophonist Marcio Paz had an introduction to musical education in 1 989 at the age of 8
and was presented to the saxophone at age 1 2, at the age of 1 4 began his professional life
to the saxophone playing in groups and events as a guest.

He developed activities like saxophone guiding and joint practice in several cities of the
State of Santa Catarina during the years of 1 994 to 2004, participated in saxophone
workshops in Brazil with Corinne Burkart (Switzerland), Daniel Frei (Switzerland), Idriss
Boudrioua (França/Brasil), Practice with Markus Angwerd (Switzerland), Urs Erdin
(Switzerland) Wolfgang Häuptli (Switzerland), Marcio Schuster and Gabriel Schwartz

In 2005 he moved to Curitiba/PR where he became a student of Professor Marcio Schuster,
participated in music workshops, acted as sax teacher in private schools of musical
education, besides acting in diverse formations musical events for social events. He was one
of the creators of the instrumental music Trio Harmelobatuque (Curitiba/PR)
He is not a virtuoso, but as an admirer of the Pop-style saxophone, he likes the simple,
without many embellishments, that mixes the performance of each instrumentalist without
losing the original which is played. It does not stop seeking experiences in all styles at your

Today he resides in the State of Santa Catarina where he has individual projects of work
with instrumental music, joint practice workshop, has a Youtube channel with more of 1 ,000
monthly accesses, where he publisches videos with his interpretations and works searches
on names of the world of the saxophone.