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Mr. Gary Scott Huddleston

Gary Scott Huddleston

English Profile

Born; Toledo, Ohio. High School; New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. Graduated Frankfurt American High School, Frankfurt, Germany. College: University Of Toledo, Toledo Ohio. Major: Music Education. College organizations include; marching band, choir, jazz band. Instruments are: Alto and soprano sax, percussion, keyboards and vocals. Experience: 35 years professionally. First instrument drums,percussion then sax and keyboards. Played 7 years on the road. Different countries like, Germany and Saudi Arabia.

Now residing in Japan for 26 years. Performing, Producing, Writing, Arranging, and Teaching. Formed a company called GSH Project. Made a recording studio and started teaching music. Both singing and instrumental lessons.

Now formed a new production company Jamcakemusic with writing and producing partner Kaleb James.

My future goals are to write movie soundtracks and documentaries. I have recorded 5 original CDs; and have produced 20 others. I hope to do more in the near future.

Michael Jackson Tribute (2012)

Track Maker (manipulator)

Jasmine Sony Walkman  CM 2011 Arranger, Percussionist.

Jasmine (In The Dark) live concert 2011 Arranger, Percussionist.

AK69 Live in Nagoya 2011 (Percussionist, Vocals)

AI Jwave Concert.  Yoyogi Hall 2010 (Percussion, Vocals)

AI Summer live tour 2010 Hayama, Osaka (Percussion, Vocals)

TBS Television  (Exile EXE) Back Chorus. Vocal Arrangement.   (2010 4/17-26th on air.

Atsushi (Exile) Recording Back Chorus (2009)

M-ON! Presents THE BASIC'S Special Live -Christmas Songs. Juju and MUSIC ON TV!

Percussion, Sax. (2009 Tokyo Kokusai Forum)

Guest artist JAY'ED、BONNIE PINK、BoA.


Guest Artist (Boyz To Men)

DEEN Album (Next Stage) Soprano Sax, Chorus, and Vocal Arrangement. (2009)

AI (Story) Space Shower TV Awards (2007 Tokyo Dome).

JINOJAM Live (2007) Cotton Club、Motion Blue、Club Ikspiari、Nagoya Blue Note, Yokohama Bay Hall.

Mie (Pink Lady) Live (Shibuya MIX 2007)

DEEN Concert Tour  DEEN LIVE JOY-Break 6 ~Birthday eve (Soprano Sax) 2004

DEEN Album (UTOPIA) Soprano Sax, and Vocals 2003

DEEN Album (Pray) Soprano Sax, Vocals, Percussion 2002

DEEN Album (Songs for children) Percussion, Chorus 2002

SHU (DEEN) Single (Another Life) Soprano Sax 2001

Morning Museme Music Video 2001

Ide Mariko (Music Video 2000)

Suga Shikao (Music Video 2000)

Eikichi Yazawa (Concert Tour 2000)

Eikichi Yazawa (Concert Tour1999)

Eikichi Yazawa (50th Birthday Concert) Yokohama Soccer Stadium 1999

 Aikawa Nanase Music Video 1999

DEEN Christmas CD Recording 1999

M.I. Japan Vocal Teacher

1st Album (Wrap Myself Around You) Sapporo Yamaha Jack Recording Studio 1989

2nd Album (Love Tones) LosAngels Sound Castle Studios 1994

3rd Album (Impressions) Yokohama GSH Studio 2006

4th Album (God Is Everywhere) Yokohama, By His Grace Studio 2008

5th Album (Healing The Soul) Tokyo Jamcake Studio 2011