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Mr. Marcio Schuster
The Brazilian-German saxophonist and composer Marcio Schuster, studied in Brazil at the Paraná School of Music and Fine Arts oriented by professor Wilson Annies. In 2010 he completed his Master Studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich.

As a soloist or “tutti” in orchestras in Brazil, Marcio Schuster performed in a vast number of ensembles. Based in his diversified career, h...e has a profound knowledge of different types of music ranging from Classical Music to Jazz and Brazilian Popular Music. In Germany he premiered several works dedicated to him by young composers, like “Concerto for Alto Saxophone, Strings and Percussion” of Nikolai Brücher.

With several of his projects like the duo project with Paulo Vinícius (guitar) or the “Mithos Duo” (Saxophone and percussion), Marcio Schuster performed several concerts in various European countries like Finland, Austria and Germany.

In Brazil he won the “Bianca Bianchi” Prize with the “A plenos Pulmões” Saxophone Quartette at the III Curitiba Chamber Music Festival. He participated two times as a finalist at the “Prêmio Weril” Prize for young soloists and performed as a professor at several Brazilian Music Festivals.

Currently, he is a Saxophone teacher in a German institution, preparing young talents to start a professional career.

Marcio Schuster is since 2011 awarded by Yehudi Menihin Live Music Now.